How To Make Money Using Amazon FBA

How to make money on Amazon FBA ?

Today we’re looking at how we can make money on Amazon FBA. We all know that Amazon is e-commerce or an online store that allows sellers to get clients worldwide.

Amazon has a program named Fulfilled by Amazon [FBA] that enables sellers to sell without handling inventories.

Yes, you can make money on Amazon FBA without storing your product nor ship to your customers. Instead, Amazon do that on your behalf.

How Amazon FBA operates

To make money on Amazon FBA, you need to understand how it works and what you need to do. Following is step by step guide.

  1.  Products
    First, you need products that you want to sell. It’s maybe your own products, Private Label products, dropshipping products, etc.,
  2. Send Products
    When you want to make money on Amazon FBA, you need to send your product to Amazon, where they will be stored. Amazon will store and ship products on your behalf, so you don’t have to deal with inventories. Amazon store your products in their warehouse.
  3. Amazon online shop
    To get customers, you need to open an online shop or an online marketplace where customers can get your products. To maximize your sales, you need to get more customers, and so you have to market your products.

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  4. Customer Purchase
    Remember, Amazon stored your products so when a customer buys your product, Amazon pack, and ship or send it to your client.
  5. Amazon Fee
    Since Amazon help you to store and ship product to your customers, they charge a small fee which is favorable compare to store and shipping by yourself.

Why choose Amazon FBA

Many benefits enhance one to make money on Amazon FBA. Some of those benefits are as follows;

  1.  Simple
    Amazon handles your stocks. And I believe this makes everything simple in terms of storing and providing security of your products.
  2. Amazon packs and ship your products
    Another benefit why you have to choose to make money on Amazon FBA is that Amazon does packing and shipping. When a customer buys your product, you don’t need to know where he is or his geographical location, how to ship, nor how to pack since Amazon do that in a professional way.
  3. Saves Time
    Another benefit why choose Fulfilled by Amazon is that not time-consuming. When compare FBA to other models of selling goods online, FBA needs less time. You save a lot of time because Amazon handles the hard part of dealing with your products.
  4.  Less effort required
    To make money on Amazon FBA is easier since you need to apply less effort to make money or to earn profit compare to normal selling products online. Usually, selling products online requires a lot of energy. Because you have to handle your product, you need to have a store, security, know how to do packaging, do customer service management, do shipping, Tracking while shipping, etc., which is not the case of FBA.

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  5.  Customer service
    Another benefit of using FBA is that Amazon do customer service on your behalf. After amazon ship products to your customer, they follow up to know whether the client is satisfied.
  6. Marketing your product
    Fulfilled by Amazon [FBA] make it easier to market your product because you can use Amazon Marketing Service [AMS]. Yes, you can create ads to Amazon marketing service [AMS] that can be sponsored to product related to yours, which gives more exposure hence more sales.
  7.  Less capital required
    To make money on Amazon FBA, you only need to start with small products and grow. Yes, you don’t need to have millions of products to start – start with few products.
  8. Work from anywhere
    Another benefit of choosing Fulfilled by Amazon [FBA] business model is that you can work from anywhere, from home, traveling, etc., since it is an online business.

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  9. Sell more
    Amazon is the largest e-commerce in the world. By selling your product using Amazon, you’re able to reach customers all over the world. By having an online store/shop on Amazon, you’re able to get targeted clients internationally.
  10.  Unlimited storage space
    Fulfilled by Amazon [FBA] offer unlimited storage space. You don’t have to worry about the size and capacity of your products. Amazon have enough space.

How you make money on Amazon FBA Business Model

Like any other business model where you sell products and earn profits, FBA operates the same. You sell products and make profits.
Fulfilled by Amazon business differ from the normal business models because it is an online business, and shipping & storage is done by Amazon on your behalf.



From the above information, you do understand what is fulfilled by Amazon business and how it operates.

To make money on Amazon FBA is easier and simple because it’s an online business. You can start and do it at any time.

To use Fulfilled by Amazon business model, you need to have your product, advertise it and make sales. Amazon will help you to store physical products, packaging, and shipping to your customers.

If you have been looking for a way to make money online, try Fulfilled by Amazon FBA. One of the most important factors to do FBA is that, even if you don’t have your own product or capital to start a business, you can use drop shipping products.

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