10 Websites That Pay You More Than $50 To Write

websites that pay you to write

Hello, today we’ll discuss where writers can get paid at least $50 per article. Some of this website pay you even more than $100.
Payment from this website is already proven. So if you can write an excellent article, you can check on this site, but for you to get paid your article must meet all the requirement and must be accepted.
Following are the ten websites that pay you to write  or site  pay writers more than $50 to write articles for them;
1. Youronline.biz
Youronline.biz is one of the websites that allow or accept articles from any writer as long is 100% original. It deals with business related topics, i.e., Business Niche and they pay $100 per article.
They pay at the beginning of next month after your article is accepted.

2. Listverse
Listverse requires one to write a list of 10 items and send it to them, and they reply ‘great’ if your article is accepted and ‘sorry’ if your article is not accepted. They pay $100 per article, and they pay through PayPal and bitcoins only.

3. Cracked
Cracked is another website that pays you to write  or writers who contribute by writing original articles to them. You will get paid $50-$200 per articles. Cracked is a general niche and therefore you can write any topic of your interests.

4. Back2colleage
Back2colleage will pay you $75-$125 per articles. It Deals with educational matters on adults students. They require an article with 1000-1500 words. They prefer one to send a complete draft instead of pitching ideas. You will get paid after the publication of your article.

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5. Income Diary
Income Diary is another website that pay you to write articles related on how to make money online or to build an online business; you will get paid $50-200 per post. You have to create amazing articles about Search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, making money from websites, buying or selling websites, etc.

websites that pay you to write

6. A fine parent
A fine parent is a parenting website that needs articles about parent or parenting niche. You will get paid $100 per post, and if your articles become at the top or most popular at the end of the year, you will get a bonus of $ 200.

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7. Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean needs great articles that relate to Linux niche. You can write on various topics like CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian or any Linux ecosystem article.Digital ocean is a great website that pay you to write because, You will get paid $50-$200 per post.

8. Krazy Coupon Lady
Krazy Coupon Lady is a website that needs writers to write articles relating to Finance niche .you will get paid $50 per post. They want an article to have 200-800 words.
For your article to be accepted must be 100% original, and also you have to write great content.

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9. Transition Abroad
Transition Abroad is one of the top travel websites that pay writers to contribute to them by writing posts or articles. They need articles related to Travel Niche, and by providing original content to them, you will be paid $50-$150 per post once your article is accepted.

get paid to work at home

10. Be a Freelance Blogger.
Be a freelance Blogger is also one of those websites that pay writers to write for them. Deals with articles related to Freelance Blogging. If they publish your guest post, they’ll pay you $50.
The length of an article must have at least 500 words but the longer the post, the better, it has been proven that longer posts tend to do well.

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BONUS website
Vector Diary
Vector Diary pays $150 per article or post. Vector Diary is one of the top sites that pay writers to create tutorials on Vector Designs .it is a Vector Design Niche and if you can do well in that area then Vector Diary can pay you$150 to do so.
Also, they allow a bio and link to your website in your articles.

Since you have learned some of the websites that can pay you to contribute to them, all you have to do is to take action. Write a high-quality article, 100% original and your article will be accepted.

Payment method of all above website is PayPal, ensure that you have a PayPal account so you can get paid on time and to avoid inconveniences as well.

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Good luck!