Make Money Online with Drop Shipping


Let me show you another method  how you can make money online.

I have received many inquiries on Drop shipping, and many people are asking:

  • How to make money drop shipping?
  • Can I make money with drop shipping?
  • Is drop shipping profitable?

Well, I know many of you are wondering why I have not replied to your messages. If you asked about drop shipping, please read this post.

What is Drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an online retail method whereby one sell goods to a customer who places an order but, the third party deliver commodities to the customer.

It’s a process whereby you don’t need to store any inventory. Instead, manufacturer or suppliers will store goods and deliver to your clients.


To make money online with drops hipping method first you need to have an online store where you will state the product you’re selling.

Second thing a customer will place an order and make the payment.

Since you don’t store any inventory, you will communicate to your suppliers to deliver ordered product to your customers.

After communicating and your supplier receives the ordered product, will pack and deliver to your client.

To earn a profit, your customer pays retail price to you, and you will pay supplier wholesale price.


One thing to consider is a platform to sell and start making money. Having a right platform will make your business successful. Now the question is where or which is the best platform?

I know you’re asking where to have an online store or a platform to sell your product. The answer is easy because there ’re many places or websites you can open an online store to start selling your product.


Here are most popular platforms or online websites where you can start your business:

  • Amazon: Fulfillment by Amazon
  • eBay
  • etsy
  • Bonanza
  • Ruby Lane
  • Craigslist
  • Ebid

Also, you can create your eCommerce or website and start selling


  1. You don’t need warehouse since you don’t store inventory
  2. Easy to start because entry barrier is low
  3. Flexible: You can work or run it anywhere
  4. Less or zero startup capital.
  5. You need to invest less time and energy.
  6. No special skill is required –anyone can do drop shipping
  7. No limitation on where to sell your product –You can s target clients from all over the world.
  8. Easy to earn money


  1. You don’t control your inventory.
  2. High competition
  3. Customer service issues
  4. Sometimes it may take longer to ship
  5. Low-profit margin due to fulfillment cost charged by the supplier.
  6. Market share is not fully known

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Is drop shipping profitable?

To succeed in drop shipping, you need to work hard and market your product to increase profit margin.

To conclude whether drop shipping is profitable or not you need to know that your strategy affects your business profit.

I have heard many stories for people who make six-figure and are very comfortable with drop all you need is to have a good plan and strategy to make your business more profitable.

Do you have any question regarding drop shipping? Feel free to ask. And if you have experience in drop shipping, also feel to  share .

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Good Luck.