Make Money with App Development

App Development

What is App or application Development?
App development is the process of creating a mobile app.
Mobile apps are everywhere and we use them in our daily lives online. Facebook, clean master, Skype, WhatsApp are good examples of mobile apps

What’s the purpose of mobile apps?
Mobile apps help us to make things easier, solve problems, entertainment etc.

So which Apps to Build?
The next question is to know which app to develop.

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To answer this question you need to understand why or the situations that lead to app development.

Here are some of the situations that leads to App Development

1. A company, website or online business can create a mobile app to sell services or products. A good example is the Amazon app, eBay app, etc.

2. To solve a problem.
Some mobile apps are created to solve issues. Good examples are Google Drive app that helps us back up files, Skype App, etc.

App Development

3. Educational app.
One can create a mobile app to teach or share important information. A good example is Duolingo App where you can learn languages for free, Yummy recipes & shopping list App where you can learn recipes, etc.

4. Entertainment App.
Other apps are created for entertainment purposes. Examples are video apps where you can watch videos, Game apps for playing games, etc.

From the above situations, it is easy to know apps to develop.
Next thing is to know how to create mobile apps.

There are various ways you can have mobile apps.

1. Develop your own app from scratch.
To develop mobile applications from scratch, you need to learn how to code or use app builders There are many app builders’ platforms where you can create mobile apps -by using templates.

To learn about App Development you can use free resources like YouTube tutorials, Google, etc.

2. Hire someone to develop your app. You can Hire professional freelancers online from various platforms e.g. from Fiver, up work, etc.

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3. Buy app. Instead of creating an app from scratch or hiring someone to develop it, you can buy already made apps.

After having your mobile app, the next thing is to start making money.
So how do you make money from mobile apps?

Below are ways you can make money with App Development

1. Advertisements
This is where you place adverts in your app and get paid by the advertisers. You can create entertain app, educational app and place advertisements from Google Ad Sense

2. Sell goods and services

App Development

App development can help you sell products and services in your mobile app.

3. Affiliate income and referral marketing
Another way you can earn money from App Development is endorsing or recommending a product/service. When one buys those products, click a link or fulfill the conditions required you earn a commission.

4. Subscription
You can have an app where people subscribe to monthly, yearly, etc. so they can able to enjoy what you offer. For example where people subscribe monthly to watch movies, get useful information, download files, etc.

5. App sales
This is when you create and sell mobile apps. Also, you can buy apps at a low price and sell at a higher price.

6. Another way you can make money from App Development is by working as a freelancer. You can get tasks from freelancing sites where people can hire you to create mobile apps.

7. Also, you can work in companies as an App Developer.

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As you can see from the above, app development can be an extremely profitable business and you can make money, so if you have a great idea, go ahead and start your mobile app.

As I mentioned earlier, you have two options to develop apps. You can develop apps by yourself or Hire someone to develop – so choose the best for you and after you start earning.

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