9 Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Work from home jobs, yes this list consist best ways you can make money without paying anything. I mean ways to make money without spending money or investing your money. If you have nil money and you want to know how you can start making money you’re in the right place.

Following are the ways one can make money online without paying anything.

1. Be a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative service to a client .virtual assistant operate outside of the client office, i.e., work from home office. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor employed to help busy executives and business owners .There are many jobs, and you can search virtual assistant position online or freelancing websites.

2. Become a consultant

Another easy way to make money online is by helping people with what you know. Yes, if you’re an expert in any field or subject, you can help people by allowing them to consult you. All you need is to start an online consulting business, or you search consulting job on freelancing websites.

3. Write for revenue sharing websites

Earn money by writing articles or blog post .Yes this is real and you don’t need to pay anything .if you can write good articles then, you can make good amount of money .There are many websites or online platforms that seek writers .some of this websites pays depending on the quality of your post, number of viewers, number of likes etc. Here are 10 Sites That Pay Writers more Than $50.

4. Publish a Kindle EBook

Publishing and selling eBook online is another simple way you can make money online. You can write an eBook on any topic that you like and sell it. But one thing you need know to be successful in selling eBooks is to provide high content that will help people. 10 Best Place to Sell EBooks Online. It costs nothing to open a Kindle publishing account.

5. Be an online mock juror

The online mock juror is another way you can earn money online without paying anything. You get paid by reviewing and responding to legal cases. Becoming an online verdict juror, you will review interesting legal cases from home, provide juror feedback to attorneys through the online questionnaire, and get paid.

6. Work for a call Centre

Work for a call Centre is another way you can work from home .this is customer service job where you answer calls for companies. There are many companies hiring people to answer their calls, chats, emails, etc. you spend your time talking to customers, and you get paid.

7. Be a transcriptionist

The transcriptionist is another way you can make money without paying anything. To be a transcriptionist, you need to listen audio keenly and type very fast on what you hear. One thing to be successful in this you need to be accurate .You don’t know how to type very fast? Well, you can be a transcript proofreader.

8. Be a social media manager

Yes, you can earn a lot by helping companies or individuals to manage their social media account. Due to technology, we can see many businesses are operating via social media, and due to that, there’s a high demand for managing social account jobs. Managing social media is a simple task because you need to keep updating, posting, replying to messages and comments, etc.

9. Take the online survey.

An online survey is another simplest way you can make money .All you need is to apply any field you may like, and when your application is accepted, you start taking surveys as well as getting paid for your time.


Online jobs are most common nowadays, and there are various opportunity one can do and start earning. From the above list, we can see some of those opportunities where you can begin .If you can do a quick search on any online job that’s on above list, you will see there are vacant. So get started now.

To get started you need confidence and taking action, and by doing so, you will begin your journey and make money.

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