8 Proven Ways To Make Money Fast

HI, as you know there are many ways one can make money either online or offline, it’s all depend on how much one will get and method one use. So let me show you 8 proven ways to make money fast.
Using this method you can make even six-figure within one month. It will all depend on how you will commit yourself. Also, hard work and consistency will contribute. Following are the ways, and you can choose any that work for you.
1. Freelancing
The first method one can make money is by freelancing. If you have any skill like writing articles, Programming, Graphic Design, etc. You can sell your expertise online, for example, you can use freelancing site (marketplace) like Fiverr, Upwork, 99 design for Graphic design, etc.

2. Design and sell T-shirts on Print on Demand (POD)
One of the simplest methods to make money is by designing T-shirts and sell them on ‘print on demand’ website.
On print on demand website is whereby, when customer order your t-shirt, POD company will print on your behalf and deliver to your customers.
You only design T-shirt, open your online shop and market your T-shirt, that’s the only work to do which is very simple.

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You can learn how to design or even hire someone to design for you.
You can open your T-shirt shop on CafePress, Zazzle, E-shirt, merch by Amazon, etc.

3. Sell art and crafts
There are many website or marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade items and arts. Examples are fine art, vintage items, handmade gifts, unique product, jewellery maker, etc.
You can make or buy and sell them online.
Following is where you can sell your items; EtsyLulu, icraft, storenvy, etc.

make money with art skills

All you have to do is to open your online store, market your items and start selling.

4. Write and sell E-Book
An e-book is a publication made available in digital forms, or one can read them using electronic devices. If you can write an ebook either fiction or non-fiction and self-publish, then go ahead and write one.
You can set up your online shop in Flick rocket, Amazon Kindle, Book baby, etc.

Also, you can upload an E-Book and sell directly on social media to your funs and get paid instantly via PayPal.

5. Sell and buy anything
There many website or marketplace online where you can sell almost all kinds of goods. For example, you can buy any product at a low price on craigslist, Alibaba, etc. and sell them at a high rate on Amazon, eBay, Esty, big commerce, etc. Also, you can sell your product.

6. Get paid to test websites and Apps
Also, this is another method one can make money online by reviewing sites and apps. Every day people are creating apps and websites, and they need to know how they look like before launching, due to that they need people to give their honest reviews regarding those websites and app.

Get paid to test websites

There are many platforms where one can get such works like user testing, enrolluser feel, etc.

7. YouTube Video
You can make a lot of money by making YouTube videos. All you have to do is to create YouTube account where you will be uploading your videos. Through YouTube Partner Program you will be able to monetize your videos and get advertising revenue

8. Drop shipping
Drop shipping is a method whereby one create an online store and indicate what he/she deals with, but you don’t store or deal with physical inventories. Instead, delivery is made by a third party when a client order that product.
For example, one can make a deal with producer /manufacturer to deliver product directly to a client. Drop shipping is like you act as an agent since you can make a deal even with zero money.

You can use any of above with or without money. All you have to do is apply your skills or resources and your effort.
In case you have used any of the above methods feel free to share your experience.And if you like my post you can share through any of social icon.