7 HobbiesThat Can Help You Make Money


As you know, almost everyone is trying to search work at home jobs. And actually, this is the trend right now. But we forget what we do most, or our hobbies can help us to achieve our dreams. By doing what we like most, we can turn it into a job which in return we get a reward (money).

Have you ever thought how your hobbies could help you make money? Well,

Following are 7 hobbies that can help you make money and benefit by doing what you like most.


Do you like taking pictures? Well, you can earn from that. There is a various method you can use by taking photos and get paid by doing so.

Following are some of those methods.

  • Take pictures of an event and get paid.
  • Start taking pictures and sell them online, e.g., sell them in Shutterstock, Getty images, Bigstock, etc.
  • You can open a Flickr account, license your photos and start selling them.
  • Search for companies that pay a photographer to take pictures
  • Also, you can start your page or website.

2. Writing

If you love writing you can earn from that.

  • One way you can do so is by writing books which you can publish in electronic form (e-books} and sell them online .e.g. you can sell them on Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.
  • The second place you can earn from your hobby is by writing articles for journals & magazines, blog posts, guest post etc.
  • Also, you can sell yourself as a focused copywriter.

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3. Comedy

Are you a comedian? Well, you can earn a lot from that.

Following are some of the way you can do to earn from your hobby

  • Commercial acting
  • Live performance
  • Podcasting movies roles
  • Album revenue
  • Film

4. Cooking/Baking

Following is how you can earn from cooking;

  • Teach cooking class
  • Start a cooking channel
  • Become a personal chef
  • Become a food blogger
  • Become a recipe writer
  • Use on Demand cooking sites like BonAppetour, Eatwith, Cookapp, Josephine etc. to share your food experience and get paid.
  • Direct sales

5. Music

This is another hobby one can make money from it.

Following are the ways you can make money by your hobby;

  • Playing gigs like DJs and producers
  • Remixing
  • Release your music
  • Music for advertising
  • Ghostwriting songs
  • Music gigs whereby you can offer gig service and get paid, e.g., mixing of the client’s favorite songs. You can get such jobs online like in Fiverr.
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Make music for videos or game soundtracks
  • Record cover song
  • Enter into songwriting contests, you can check songwriting competitions

6. Teaching

Do you love teaching? If yes you can make a lot of money doing so. Following are some of the way you can apply and earn from your hobby.

  • Sell online courses like in Udemy
  • Tutoring online or in person like in Wyzant
  • Start YouTube teaching channel
  • Teach English online, e.g., TutorABC look for English teachers
  • Teaching materials provider, you can share your lesson plan to Teachers Pay Teachers and earn money.

7. Artwork

There are those who are creative, and if you’re among them, also you can benefit from that and gain a lot. There various method you can use. One of those methods is to sell your artwork online marketplace like Esty.

You can design T-shirts, mugs, etc. and sell them in Print on Demand websites like Lulu, CafePress, and Zazzle.

Also, you can teach online courses, schoolism.com offers a wide range of artwork, and you can get in touch with them.

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Above are some of the hobbies that can help you earn and also you can turn that into work at home. If your hobby does not appear to this list, don’t worry because this is part I, you will get part II of how you can earn by doing what you like most very soon.

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